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        Midland Machinery

        The Road Widener Specialists



        The newest Self-Propelled Road Widener, with a full sized receiving hopper that folds to 98 1/2 inches (2.5 m) for TRANSPORT WITHOUT OVER-WIDTH PERMITS and a right or left Directional Conveyor and DUAL Blade & Column for a quick change over, fast on the job feature.


        The SA is the smallest Midland Road Widener, great for agency needing a reliable and economic answer to road maintenance.


        The WA with spreading capability to 10 ft from the road edge offers productivity at a low cost to those needing a large, tough machine for longer, steady duty cycles.


        The SPR-6 has proven its place in the small to mid-sized county DPWs and township road departments.


        The SPD-6 was a natural progression of the Midland Road Widener Line adding DUAL Blade & Column to make quick change over a standard feature.

        SPD-8 & SP-8

        The SPD-8 and SP-8 Models are the best sellers in the Midland Line -small enough to maneuver easily and big enough to handle jobs for state agencies and major road/highway contractors.


        The SPD-10 put more punch in the work with a bigger engine and ability to spread out to 10 ft. from the existing pavement.


        The SPD-12 takes the Midland Techology the final step to provide a better more efficent package to to the biggest road jobs





        Midland's 45 years of experience and over 1000 units produced make MIDLAND - "The Road Widener Specialist" 

        Over 40 Dealers in North America with 100 locations allow service and support close to each Midland Road Widener user. 

        From State DOT's to County Road Deptments and local DPW's, Midland can provide the right size machine to suit any Public Agency or Contractor.


        Attachments to Self-Propelled units give the user more choices to get their work done. Fast to the job, fast on the job!

        Company Information

        Midland Machinery Co., Inc.
        101 Cranbrook Ext.
        Tonawanda, NY 14150
        (716) 692-1200
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